Secure. Simple. Smart.

Realtime GPS tracking, instant playback, police support and a virtual 'geofence' alarm around your vehicle. With Black Knight you're in control, 24/7.

Black Knight Global Tracking Systems

Welcome to the international anti-theft revolution.

Unsurpassed precision

15-second updates and no data limits
make Black Knight the most accurate
tracker in the world

Real-time tracking

Your GPS data is instantly beamed via Black Knight's global network for realtime tracking via smartphone or web

View your history

Playback up to 12 months of travel history and see exactly where your Black Knight's been and when

Geofence alarm

Create a virtual 'geofence' alarm around your vehicle and receive alerts when Black Knight breaches the designated area

Full police support

In the instance of theft, Black Knight is a priceless tool to assist law enforcement in rapidly finding your asset

Manage your statistics

Professional data management tools - travel distance, travel hours, stops, speed limits and a range of custom settings

How Black Knight® works

Global GPS

Your GPS position is beamed via Black
Knight’s global GSM network so you (or your
family) can remotely track on our mapping
software via smartphone or web interface.

Simple installation

Connect your Black Knight to a power source
in your vehicle and hide it somewhere safe.
Select from our range of convenient
connection options to best suit your vehicle.
As long as it’s receiving power you’re ready
to track and you won’t need to touch it again.

Quick online registration

Activate your device via the Black Knight
website - it’s simple and only takes a couple
of minutes. You can track from the website or
download the free Black Knight app to track
on your phone or tablet.

Black Knight® Z-09 and Z-15

Introducing Black Knight’s sleek and tiny ‘first-borns’ -
the Z-09 and Z-15 models.

Not just a pretty face, these little babies are engineered to be rugged, versatile,
powerful and most importantly simple. That means no gimmicky buttons and
wires, no replaceable SIM – just a single on/off button, a micro-USB 5V input
and a compact shell size small enough to hide almost anywhere. Containing
identical components and performance, both models also come with a
protective silicon sleeve and Velcro tab for additional stowing options.

Track what’s precious to you, from the comfort of your phone.

Download the free Black Knight app and stay tracking no matter where you are.

Make an inquiry

Want to know more about getting started with Black Knight? Use the form to get in touch.

Where can I buy Black Knight?

Ask your local dealership for Black Knight. We sell to distributors, authorised resellers and dealerships all around the world. For information about your nearest dealership or to express interest in distribution, submit an inquiry via the form above and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How much does Black Knight cost?

The price of Black Knight is set by your dealership. Dealerships may bundle the price ofyour tracker with at least 12 months prepaid connectivity, or if not, after purchasing your tracker a low connectivity subscription fee will need to be paid when you register online. Subscription fees vary depending on your country and a full list of our international rates is coming soon. If in doubt, please ask your dealer.

In what countries can I use Black Knight?

Black Knight can connect in over 200 countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, Philippines, Malaysia and India. Additional roaming charges may apply for connections outside of your registered ‘home’ country – please ask us.

“Just this past week it brought us great peace of mind to be able to track our 19-year-old on a long interstate trip. No need to call her whilst she is driving and distract her. Usually, my wife checks on her 2-3 times a day. Is she at university, work or at a friends place? Also, on a daily basis I can check my work van to ensure my team had completed the jobs assigned to them that day or not. This is the first time I've been able to do that.”

- George Matis, TL Rentals

“My new tracker is perfect. Works like a clock. Brilliant. More will be sold because of this. Brilliant tracker. Outstanding service. Well done.”

- Peter Symons, Smart Temp