Download the Black Knight app.

Download the free Black Knight app and stay tracking no matter where you are.

Track your Black Knight in real time, view playback history and set geofence alerts, receive notifications and more.

Take your tracking with you with the Black Knight app.

I’ve downloaded the app, but why can’t I sign in?

First, register/activate your tracker on the Black Knight website. Here you will create a password. You will need this same password to sign in to the app, together with your tracking device’s unique 10-digit ID number.

What is the app compatible with?

The Black Knight app is compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets. There are no known compatibility problems with iPhones, iPads or Android smartphones, however compatibility issues are known to exist with some Android tablets. As a result, the Black Knight app is not visible on the Google Play store when viewed via these certain Android tablets. An app update will be available soon to address this bug.

Can I use the app to manage my fleet?

At the moment the app is designed for only one ID number (ie, one tracking device) at a time. But we’re working on that - stand by for a fleet version of the Black Knight app coming soon. In the meantime, you can easily track your fleet by bookmarking a shortcut to the BK website on your smartphone or tablet.