Black Knight Help & Support

What is Black Knight®?

Global leaders in covert tracking technology, Black Knight® design innovative miniature GPS tracking devices that are simple, powerful and able to be hidden almost anywhere. Track in real time, view playback data, set anti-theft alerts and more. Much more than a high-performance tracking device, Black Knight Global Tracking Systems is a complete professional security solution. With Black Knight, you’ll always know where your investment is.

What’s so special about Black Knight?

Only with Black Knight do you get ultimate peace of mind - unsurpassed precision, real-time tracking, 12 months playback history, security alarms (geofence, power disconnect), police support (for rapid theft recovery), flexible data management and more. Black Knight devices do not contain a removable, interchangeable SIM like most telecommunication devices. Rather, it transmits using a powerful semiconductor chip (micro SIM) built in to the motherboard which cannot be removed or replaced. This is a key security feature of Black Knight, in that the device cannot be compromised or reused if stolen.

Where can I buy?

First, purchase a Black Knight device from an authorised dealer or reseller. We are in the process of updating our site with a comprehensive list of dealers/resellers, around the world and in your locality. Until that’s ready, please contact us, remembering to include your ZIP/postcode, to find the nearest seller to you.

How much does it cost?

The price of Black Knight packs is set by our dealerships and resellers. We do not currently sell direct to customers. When you purchase a Black Knight, you will either have to pay a separate connectivity subscription, or your pack may include a period of ‘prepaid’ connectivity. If your dealer didn’t include a prepaid connectivity term, you will need to pay a connectivity subscription (separate to the price of your Black Knight pack) paid using credit card when you Register/Activate on our website. Our monthly connectivity subscription rates vary depending on your country, are subject to change, plus we offer generous discounts for yearly or multi-year subscriptions.

Current rates as of March 2016 are:

  1. Australia/NZ - AUD $12.99/month
  2. Canada - CAD $12.99/month
  3. USA/Mexico/South America/SE Asia - USD $12.99/month
  4. Europe - EUR €12.99/month
  5. UK - GBP £10/month

If you’re unsure what’s included in your Black Knight purchase price, please ask your dealer.

How do I get started with my Black Knight?

  1. Connect your Black Knight device to a permanent power source, preferably 12V.
  2. Z-11/X-1 models - lights will blink while connecting then remain on once connected. After 5 minutes of connection the lights will turn off.
  3. Z-09/Z-15 models - lights will flash brightly while connecting, then flash dimly once connected.
  4. Your first connection should be in an area with strong cellular signal and a clear view of the sky (not in a building or underground carpark). This will allow your device to first calibrate.
  5. Once you have an established connection, stow your device safely in a hidden place.
  6. Register/Activate your device online. Enter your details (and connectivity subscription payment, if required).
  7. Then you're ready to sign in to start tracking!
  8. Please note: The USB cable included in your pack is not recommended for active tracking mode or for initial start—up - it should only be used for temporary recharging or charging on the go.

What do the lights on my tracker mean?

  1. Z-11 model: Red = power, blue = GPS, green = GSM/GPRS. Lights blink while connecting then remain on once connected. After 5 minutes of solid connection the lights will turn off as a discrete security measure.
  2. X-1 model: Blue = power/GPS/GSM/GPRS. Light blinks while connecting then remains on once connected. After 5 minutes of solid connection the light will turn off as a discrete security measure.
  3. Z-09/Z-15 models: Blue = GPS, orange = GSM/GPRS. Lights flash brightly while connecting, then flash dimly once connected.

How do I reboot my device?

From time to time your Black Knight device’s modem may require a reboot. It’s simple:

  1. Z-11/X-1 models: Disconnect from mains power for 10 seconds, then reconnect.
  2. Z-09/Z-15 models: Disconnect from mains power, then hold down the power button for 3 seconds. Insert paperclip into pinhole next to the power button, then wait 10 seconds. Hold down power button until lights start flashing again.

Where do I put my Black Knight?

For a neat summary of installation,click here. Install it in a hidden, dry place. Try to avoid exposure to intense humidity, intense heat or direct sun. If you are unable to connect, try a different hiding position for your device away from areas of interference (such as aluminium walls, steel bracing, high-density electronics, etc).

How do I activate my Black Knight?

Simply visit and follow the steps.

How does Black Knight tracking work?

For a neat summary on how Black Knight works, click here. Your Black Knight will remain "asleep" unless the movement sensor is triggered. When there’s movement you’ll immediately see the device moving on your screen in real time. Coverage (and your device’s operational features) may vary depending on your geographical location and the placement of your device.

Can I track using my phone?

Yes, it’s the easiest way to track your Black Knight. Get your free Black Knight® app for Android (via the Google Play store) or iOS/iPhone (from the App Store), or get the links via our Download page. To sign in to the Black Knight app, enter your 10-digit ID number and password.

What is my ID number?

It’s the unique 10 digit “ID” number on the back of your Black Knight tracker, on your ID card and on the sticker on the side of your packaging box. You’ll need to enter this ID number when you register/activate, for using the app, and in case of theft if you need police to help you recover a stolen vehicle.

What is connectivity?

Connectivity is the term we use to describe your tracking device’s ability to connect to Black Knight’s global GSM/GPRS telecommunications network, our servers and mapping platforms. Put simply, connectivity is what allows your GPS position data to be transmitted to be viewed on your smartphone and the Black Knight website.

You will either need to pay a connectivity subscription (separate to the price of your Black Knight pack, paid using credit card when you Register/Activate), or your dealer may offer a prepaid bundle (with 12 months or more connectivity bundled into your pack price). If you’re unsure which applies to you, ask your dealer.

If you have a prepaid bundle, we’ll contact you towards the end of your term to choose a monthly, yearly or multi-year connectivity subscription. Black Knight card payments are encrypted and secure using TSL/SSL cryptographic protocols. Monthly and Yearly connectivity subscriptions paid by credit card will automatically renew unless you cancel. If your connectivity expires or you cancel, your tracking device will be unable to be used. You’ll have 90 days to reconnect, for a $45 reconnection fee. Following 90 days without connection, your device may be terminated.

What is a geofence?

A geofence is a virtual perimeter that you can place around your vehicle, at a distance of your choosing. Once Black Knight exits this perimeter you can receive an email alert notifying you of the geofence breach. If using the Black Knight app, you can receive geofence alerts direct to your phone or tablet.

What is a power disconnection alert?

The new Z-11 and X-1 devices can send you email alerts when they sense a disconnection from your mains power source. Simply go to Settings to turn this alert on. Power disconnection alerts may not work for Z-11 devices powered via USB only - the feature is recommended for permanent power disconnections of 12V or above. Allow 10-12 hours of initial connection prior to using the power disconnection alert feature.

What is a speed limit alert?

All Black Knight devices can send you email alerts when they sense your travel speed above a certain limit. Simply go to Settings to set your speed limit and to turn the speed limit alert feature on.

How does Black Knight send alerts?

Geofence alerts are sent via email, and users of the Black Knight® app can also receive geofence ’push notification’ alerts direct to their phone/tablet. To receive push notifications, go to your phone/tablet’s Settings menu, and “allow notifications” to Black Knight. All alerts, other than geofence, are sent via email only.

How can I change my settings?

Once you’ve signed in, visit

My vehicle has been stolen – what do I do?

Call emergency, and inform police immediately that you are tracking your stolen vehicle via Black Knight. You may wish to share your sign-in details with police. Using your sign-in details, police can use Black Knight is an invaluable tool for immediate police response, making recoveries and arrests easier than ever before.

I’m going on a driving safari - can my friends and family track me?

Absolutely. Simply share your sign-in information with those who you would like to allow to track your progress.

Why do I need permanent power for my Black Knight?

Black Knight is designed to bring you true peace of mind, that’s why we advise connecting it to power and never having to worry about whether or not it will have enough charge. Being the most accurate tracker on the market, Black Knight needs a reliable power connection to update its position every 15 seconds. Black Knight does also have a small internal battery (with 24-36 hours life) for non-vehicular applications.

What’s the accuracy of Black Knight?

Once connected Black Knight generally has an accuracy of 5 to 15 meters, updated every 15 seconds as long as it can transmit your GPS position out via a GSM/GPRS connection. When connected, Black Knight is the most accurate tracking device on the market. Coverage and accuracy varies depending on location.

Will Black Knight interfere with my vehicle’s electronics system?

No, Black Knight will not interfere with the complex electronics found in modern vehicles, such as the vehicle’s management system, on-board computers and mission critical (safety) computers.

Where is a good place to hide my Black Knight tracker?

To help maintain a strong connection, we recommend stowing in areas as near as possible to the outer/upper edges of your vehicle. Be careful not to bury the device too deeply within heavy metal structures, inside small metal casings or wrapping in duct tape/electrical tape. Avoid areas of extreme temperature and exposure to moisture. Areas of strong electromagnetic interference are also not recommended, such as close proximity to radio consoles, radars and other navigation equipment. All vehicles are different, so if in doubt, try a location and test the tracker's performance. If you're having trouble connecting, try stowing your Black Knight in a different area

What happens to Black Knight if I sell my vehicle?

That’s entirely up to you. You may on-sell the vehicle with the added value of Black Knight protection, but remember to instruct the new owner how much connectivity is remaining on the device. Like any transaction, as long as you and the new owner have a satisfactory written agreement of the “handover” you will be protected in case of future fraudulent misuse. Alternatively you may simply remove your Black Knight and reinstall it in your next vehicle.

Why can’t I see my tracker on the map?

  1. 1. Check if your Black Knight fully charged. It takes about 3-4 hours to fully charge.
  2. See ‘How do I get started with Black Knight’ above
  3. After first activating, your device can sometimes take a while to calibrate. Once the above steps are taken, taking it for a drive is usually a good way to help Black Knight establish a GPS and GSM/GPRS connection.
  4. Your tracker will revert to “sleep mode” unless it senses movement to conserve power and data
  5. Are you underground, in a concrete parking station or in the middle of nowhere? Just like a mobile phone, Black Knight works with both cellular towers and satellites, and gets confused without them!

What causes zig-zagging or straight lines on the map?

Signal dropouts and location inaccuracies may be caused by tunnels, high-rise buildings, hilly terrain and other signal interferences. After a temporary signal dropout, Black Knight may under some circumstances draw a straight line from its last update signal point to the newest connection point.

What is NanoTag®?

NanoTag Technology (parent company to Black Knight) is the world leader in asset authentication, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting technologies. The NanoTag itself is a microscopic piece of nickel (about the size of a grain of sand) with a unique code etched into it. NanoTags are impossible to replicate and offer one of the most impenetrable covert security solutions known to humankind.

What’s this NanoTag product in my pack?

You can track it, but can you prove it’s yours? NanoTag tagging wands or NanoTag Ghost® labels are included as special bonus items in many Black Knight packs, introducing you to the benefits of keeping your assets truly secure. State-of-the-art high-security tools, your wand or (Ghost label pack) has a unique 6-digit alphanumeric Security Identification Code (SIC) which becomes your very own DNA “fingerprint” when applied to your assets (car, bike, home assets, Black Knight, etc) to help police identify items that are rightfully yours.

Can I purchase additional NanoTag products?

You certainly can. Contact NanoTag here.

Can’t find your answer?

We’re here to help. Please contact our friendly Black Knight Support team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.